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Mike Stefani: Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager

Email: MStefani@jumpstartsports.com

Phone: (716) 997-7998


  • Bachelor's Degree in Sports Management - The Ohio State University
  • 2011 Mens Volleyball National Champion
  • Two Time Big Ten Academic All-American 
  • Four Time MIVA Academic All-American 
  • Four Time Varsity Volleyball Letterman
  • Camp Life Sports Counselor

Testimonials about Coach Michael:

"My kids, Connor and Caroline, really love all your programs.  You are a fantastic coach and they adore you.  Looking forward to signing them up for more this winter. Thanks again!"

"We loved the program. I thought it was great the way you guys broke up the hour into lots of little exercises to hold their attention. My daughter, Carly, really enjoyed it and I think we'll be doing the t-ball and soccer in the spring." 

"My son, Ethan Casey, just finished up with your Fall T-ball program, you may not even be able to picture him immediately, he is so so shy, the first week I wasn't sure how it would go, he didn't want to hit, he ran with his hands up and his fingers in his mouth...all signs that he is really uncomfortable, but you were so kind, gentle, supportive and encouraging. He LOVED T-ball. I watched him nervously every week, but I really think it was meant to be that he was on the Red Sox with you, what I saw was a little boy coming out of his shell. He yelled out "Good Job Man!" every time with you, he started running after the balls, he took his time hitting and pointed out all the bases to you. My heart was just so full. I missed the last class, but my husband said he even raised his hand to tell you his favorite part was running the bases, which he did with no fingers in his mouth after the first week. I just want you to know how effective your coaching style is, and how much my family and I appreciate your work, and how happy you made a little 4 year old boy trying T-ball for the very first time. We really loved the way you organized the program as well, the parental involvement was really great, the kids all seemed to have so much fun, the parents all seemed really happy. Our first experience with Jump Start Sports was an awesome one! Thank you thank you a million times over. I would love to know what other sports you coach so that we can sign Ethan up to learn with you again in the future."

"My 8 year old son attended Jump Start Sports Camp in Limerick, PA this summer.  I wanted to say thank you.  Thank you for a wonderful experience.  This was the first camp in three summers that he could not wait to get to each and every day.  At the end of the first day, I picked him up and asked if he liked it.  His response was – no, I LOVED IT!  That response did not waiver all summer.  Despite the 90+ degree heat we experienced in Eastern Pennsylvania most of the summer, your coaches made sure he was hydrated, properly shaded when necessary and rested if he needed it.  Most of all, he had a great time!  He was challenged, never bored and has already asked to return next summer.
Additionally, I can not speak highly enough about the three coaches – Coach Grace, Coach Carlie and Coach Stephanie.  They were beyond fantastic.  Enthusiastic, professional, encouraging, warm and engaging.  Well done!
Thank you for such a wonderful program in our community!"



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