Jen Yuvan

Mid-Atlantic Regional  Director                724-493-0770

  • Master of Education, Indiana University of PA
  • Bachelor of Science in Education, Indiana University of PA
    • K-12 Health and Physical Education Teaching Certificate
  • Bachelor of Social Work, Seton Hill University
    • Women’s Basketball Team
  • Former Recreation Manager, City of Pittsburgh
    • Certified Park and Recreation Professional
  • Former Health and Physical Education Teacher
    • 15 Years High School Girls Basketball Coach

From the time I was small, sports have been an essential part of my life.  It’s where I learned my first lessons about discipline, hard work, sacrifice, and teamwork.  I have carried those lessons with me throughout my academic, athletic, and professional careers.  

I have been fortunate enough to have turned my love of sports and my passion as an educator into a career in which I can have a positive impact on the lives of children.  My goal is to instill in young athletes a sense of accomplishment, pride, and excitement that will be present not only in the athletic arena, but will carry over into other facets of their lives.  


I am dedicated to running well-organized, high-quality, developmental sports programs in a positive and encouraging environment.  I am extremely proud and excited to be able to pass the values associated with athletics on to the young people that we work with at Jump Start Sports.  It is my personal mission to make sure that every athlete coming through our program has a safe and welcoming opportunity to learn, develop, and succeed. I am completely committed to helping young athletes of all ability levels reach their full potential through their participation in Jump Start Sports programs.