Parenting Tips & Philosophy


Parenting Tips

Come Prepared:
Before each practice, examine your checklist - does your child have his/her uniform ready, water bottle in hand, and prepared to have a great practice?


Bring your A-game attitude:
The more enthusiasm you bring to each practice, the more your child will feed off it and maximize the youth sport experience.


Cheer and offer positive reinforcement and support:
Look for those “teachable moments” where you can cheer and offer positive reinforcement for success on the field!


Model sportsmanship: 
Playing with integrity means showing respect to coaches, officials, and the opponent.  Do your part to set a high example so kids can follow your lead.


Never humiliate, embarrass, threaten, or use physical aggression:  
Jump Start Sports offers safe, fun, and enriching experiences for kids and their families and expect all participants to model positive, responsible adult behavior at all times.


If you’re not sure what to do, ask!
Many parents today simply don't know what to do when it comes to helping their child maximize the sport experience – if you have questions, just ask one of our coaches for help!


-Written by Jump Start Sports Partner, Chris Stankovich, Ph.D.


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