"As a parent, I have been very happy with the organization and with what the coach has taught my son. He looks forward to his games each week and our coach has the patience and heart to give these boys and girls a strong foundation. Thank you so much Jump Start."

The Johnson Family

"I have enrolled my daughter in many different organized events including dance, gymnastics, soccer, etc. and at several different venues. This has been by far the best run program that she has participated in. I have sat through many practices and usually I leave feeling like my child stood around and goofed around as much as she practiced whatever she was there to practice. I so appreciated that the practices started on time and ended on time. The kids were engaged and participating the entire time. During the scrimmage part of the practice, kids received equal playing time and all of the kids had the chance to handle the ball. The coach was engaged but not patronizing to the kids. The hour was well organized and implemented, which is certainly not always the case when it comes to sports practices. My daughter had a great experience and I enrolled her for the next session as a result."

Cara Murray

"I was very much impressed with everything that was done this year. My son was very sad to see it over. We will definitely continue with this program next year. Thank you for everything you do and we look forward to next year!"

Julie Salzman

"Just wanted to let you know that we loved the Little Hoops basketball program. The instructor was awesome (I'm sorry I forgot her name)! My son was timid about playing / learning the sport and the instructor brought the learning down to the kid's levels so they could understand (my son's favorite: "ice cream cone, pizza, spring, rocket ship, cookie jar.") "

Debbie Dzurillia

"My son Carter, thoroughly enjoyed his instructors!! They were extremely nice, and they took their time teaching the kids! I know dealing with younger ones it can be hard to keep their attention...however they dealt kindly with the kids not paying attention and kept the rest busy and changing activities enough to make it fun for them! I would highly recommend this program to anyone, as Carter truly had a wonderful time!!!
Thank you!!!!!"

Jill Gasser

"Coach Cheryl is awesome!!! My son Locke loves her and she is amazing with the kids. Cheryl is the reason why we signed up for Hummingbirds soccer this Spring.
Thank for hiring such a great coach. Big thanks to Cheryl for being so awesome!"

Joy Dunwoodie

" My 3 year-old daughter just finished up the Massillon Hummingbirds summer soccer program. She loved playing and we loved watching her! Coaches Erin, Mark, and Taylor were wonderful with the kids and we couldn't have asked for a better experience for Emerson's first time playing soccer. We have plans to sign her up for the fall league as well! Thanks so much!"

Lyndsay Kappal

"We participated in the Willoughby T-birds T-ball program. This was our sons first sport ever played and though he was excited, he was very shy when it came to participating. I felt like the staff encouraged him but did not push him to be uncomfortable. After his third game he finally let go of my husbands leg and played with the team! I loved how the game time was set up with instruction and practice in the beginning and a few innings afterward. The children seemed to remain focused because they were constantly changing activities, so they would not get bored. We have three boys and they will all be participating in your programs once they are old enough! We are so happy to have gotten to experience Jump Start Sports Program. Thank you!"

Rachel Smith

"Our son just completed the Fairlawn T-ball program. We REALLY enjoy the jumpstart programs. The teachers/coaches do a great job - they are extremely patient and good with the children. The kids LOVED the experience and being on a team. Thanks for offering great programs for our children."

Carrie Holet

"My wife and I would like to say the program was great for our daughter. She is a little on the shy side but coach Mike from day one had her involved and very comfortable to speak up. She couldn't wait for Fridays and get out on the field. Even though sometimes she had more fun playing in the dirt, she was always happy to be there and never hesitated to participate."

Jose Ramos

"My son Nolan has participated in several sessions of your flag football over the last 2 years (along with a few of your other sports). My husband and I LOVE the program and think you are doing a wonderful job! "

Jen Young

"I just wanted to take a second and let you know how pleased I was with the Broadview Heights T-Ball session that ended yesterday. My son, Owen, has completed two sessions through your company and has loved both the t-ball and the soccer last spring. The coaches this session were so great with the kids, and my son is going to be so sad when he realizes it's over until spring! Just wanted to tell you and your staff to keep up the great work!"

Jill Hansen

"My son Domenic really loved everything about his first tee ball experience. He already is asking when it starts again. Amanda and the other coaches were awesome and we were impressed with the whole setup. I will definitely sign him up again and I know he is looking forward to it. "

Krista Gorzelanczyk

"Just wanted to give you some feedback. I don’t have anything negative to say about the volleyball program. I love that the program is available to introduce volleyball to a younger group. I know most are too small to serve over the net, but it’s great teaching them fundamentals and getting them familiar with form and terms of the sport. I think you and your staff did a great job of not talking over their heads and you didn’t expect too much out of them at their age.
Also, my son participated in the flag football program in the fall. He had never really played football before and it was a great way to introduce him to the sport. The program was great for someone at his skill level. He really enjoyed it! I thought you and the staff did a great job with that, too. Just wanted you to know! : )

Molly Foster

"We, and Anderson, loved the soccer program. I am impressed with the fundamental soccer knowledge and skills he's learned over the past six weeks (learning to score on the right goal is honestly impressive). We'd love to have more programs in Grandview and look forward to your offerings early next year.


Kelly Bauer

"Hi my son was in the hummingbirds soccer held in Upper Merion. I wasn't sure what to expect since last year he was in I9 sports soccer in east Norriton. I can honestly say that your program was much better! My son not only learned some soccer skills but more importantly had fun! The coach knew how to relate to the kids and my son really liked him! Great program!"

Amanda Zikas

"We loved everything about the program. There isn't anything I would change. Our little guy never stopped smiling when on the field. He felt special, he learned a TON and he has FUN! Thanks again! "

Cindy Gordon

"Working with Mike Stefani from Jump Start Sports has been a great addition to our community youth offerings. Jump Start Sports offers a wide variety of programming and flexibility when working within our department's boundaries. These classes fill up quickly and parents are always asking "what's next?" It shows their coaches do a great job with outputting quality sports programming, while leaving the kids (and parents) happy!" "

City of Newtown

"My son started his first year of coach pitch baseball in the fall. This was our first experience with Jump Start Sports and was by far the best experience he has had in the past 2 years of playing organized sports. The coaching staff always did an amazing job at keeping the kids busy and engaged during the entire practice and game. My sons skills enhanced greatly during the season and he was always very eager to get back to practice the next week! Thank you Jump Start Sports, Coach Melissa and Coach Cory for encouraging my son to grow in his favorite sport!"

The Russell Family

"Kaydence improved so much during the short 6 week season. Coach Jon really is amazing with the kids. I will definitely recommend this program to all of my friends with kids."

Amanda Coblentz

"Brady really enjoys your programs. He has improved greatly in both basketball and soccer. I can't thank you and your staff enough for your efforts!! "

Steve Simon

"I cannot say enough great things about your little hoops stars program at the Solon rec center! This was our son's second year and it was awesome. He now says basketball is his favorite sport! We were especially impressed with your coach Amanda. She is AMAZING! Seriously, all of the jumpstart coaches have been great (our kids have done soccer, football, basketball and a camp), but Amanda was the best of the best! Our son learned so much this time! Thank you for having such great programs. They have given our children so much. I am always recommending them to people. Keep up the great work! "

Jen Young

" Logan did the basketball program at Old Trail and it was our first introduction to your company. I played basketball at St. V – St. M and at Coastal Carolina for 1 year, literally a lifetime ago. I was extremely impressed with your program and especially Coach Cheryl. The things she taught them I did not learn until I was in 8th grade! Tells you how old I am. She also did a good job managing 30 plus kids. "

Mike Conrad

"We loved the Little Hoops session. I was so impressed with the teachers. I was also blown away with the amount of skills my four year old walked away with during each session. He came into the first session with very limited understanding and by the end had begun to master many of the skills they were teaching. I loved how they taught the children to shoot the ball. Their metaphors were very creative and helped my son grasp the concept of the skill quickly. I would recommend this program to all. "

Meghan Disbrow

"My son, Ethan Casey, just finished up with your Fall T-ball program, you may not even be able to picture him immediately, he is so so shy, the first week I wasn't sure how it would go, he didn't want to hit, he ran with his hands up and his fingers in his mouth...all signs that he is really uncomfortable, but you were so kind, gentle, supportive and encouraging. He LOVED T-ball. I watched him nervously every week, but I really think it was meant to be that he was on the Red Sox with you, what I saw was a little boy coming out of his shell. He yelled out "Good Job Man!" every time with you, he started running after the balls, he took his time hitting and pointed out all the bases to you. My heart was just so full. I missed the last class, but my husband said he even raised his hand to tell you his favorite part was running the bases, which he did with no fingers in his mouth after the first week. I just want you to know how effective your coaching style is, and how much my family and I appreciate your work, and how happy you made a little 4 year old boy trying T-ball for the very first time. We really loved the way you organized the program as well, the parental involvement was really great, the kids all seemed to have so much fun, the parents all seemed really happy. Our first experience with Jump Start Sports was an awesome one! Thank you thank you a million times over. I would love to know what other sports you coach so that we can sign Ethan up to learn with you again in the future."

Christine Casey

"My son is just finishing up his first experience with Jump Start Sports (basketball) and my only regret is not finding them sooner! My son absolutely loves being part of a team and his amazing coaches have instilled in him confidence and such a love for sports that now all he asks about is what sport he gets to play next! The coaches have more than amazed me in their dedication to the kids. They knew them all by name by the end of the first class. They take time to help each child individually. And they have all even stayed late many times and continued practicing with the kids who still wanted to play. Honestly I couldn't say enough about how great they are and how wonderful this experience has been for both my son and myself! Thank you Jump Start! "

Ashley Whitfield

"I had my daughter join the instructional volleyball only to see if she had any interest in it before investing in the sport for school next year. I was impressed with her on how she learned so quickly and the coaches were great! The coaches took the time if they saw a mate that needed a little extra guidance and I appreciated that. Thanks and keep up the great job! "

Beth Strukelj

"We had a wonderful experience with the basketball program in Strongsville! Our son is hesitant to try new things, but he felt completely comfortable and looked forward to going each week. We were amazed by how much he improved, and he's not a kid who has an easy time with physical skills. The teachers had everything under control all of the time, and the lead teacher did an incredible job engaging the kids and keeping them focused and practicing. We didn't feel that there was a moment of wasted time, and I was often amazed by how the teacher was able to keep the kids' attention. It was by far the most organized activity we have done with our son, and our only regret is that it was only 6 weeks long! We would have loved to have a 12 or 18 week program. Thank you! We will definitely look to JumpStart again. "

Jim and Leslie Pickenheim

"I love the program, but I think it proved most impactful when my kids were playing pick-up basketball with me the other day. My 4 and 5 year old boys were telling me to put my hands up and bend my knees on defense and were showing off their pivots on offense. So, not only did they stay active during these winter months, but they genuinely caught on to the fundamentals of basketball and were able to apply them outside of the class. "

Lauren DeFazio

"My son loved Little Hoops! It was the first sport we've ever signed him up for so we weren't sure how it would go. He loved feeling apart of a team and the coaches were great with the kids. We saw a lot of improvement in his skills as the weeks went on. We will definitely be signing up again! Thanks so much!"

SJ Sabetta

"This was my son’s first experience with organized Basketball and I’ve already recommended Jump Start Sports’ Little Hoop Stars program to some friends. Coach Cheryl has fantastic knowledge of the sport and her approach in teaching and patience with working with the young kids is really a gift. The non-competitive nature of the program was perfect for the Pre-K / Kindergarten age and was really fun for my son. Coach Cheryl and Coach Keith were GREAT with the kids and we couldn’t have asked for a more positive experience to burn off some winter energy. Thank you! See you next session!

Tim and Kim Fischer

"Coach Amanda is amazing! The way she can keep so many little kids engaged is impressive and I really like how she teaches them soccer skills. She's able to keep it at their level and does a great job keeping it fun. I play soccer and am very impressed by what she teaches such young kids. She is one of the main reasons we keep coming back. Thank you!"

Caroline Ford

"Coach Cheryl is awesome!! She works with the children so well. Each week they progress on what they had learned the week before and she continues to build on their skills. We have really enjoyed the program the last 2 seasons. "

Erin Luckay

"Dear Jump Start, We could not say enough nice things about your programs. Both of my kids have participated in sports with your organization and had such a positive and pleasant experience. The kids have a great time and everyone is so good with them while they are learning and playing their respective games. Thank you!"

Danielle Mackey

"As a parent, I thought the volleyball season was wonderful. My daughter, Audrey Taylor, participated in the Dublin February and Hilliard March/April classes. The coaches were patient and involved. There was a wonderful balance of fun and practice. She really walked away with a love of the sport and an understanding of the fundamentals. As a former volleyball player, It was wonderful seeing her find joy in a sport I love.

Amy Taylor

"I just wanted to let you know that Coach Nolan is awesome!! The T-ball tonight in Fairborn went amazing! I think the kids learned a lot and really enjoyed themselves! This is one of the most organized and well put together sports programs we have been with! Keep up the hard work. "

Heather Roe

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for your program and your staff. Our son is three and has autism. He is in roughly 30 hours of therapy a week and we work hard to integrate him into programs with typical children. He has been in soccer for five weeks but because of his delays, he doesn't incorporate himself much into the "game aspect" because he tends to get overwhelmed by all the whistles and movement. We do a lot of breaks to keep him from getting so overwhelmed. He had never kicked the ball during a game before.

But Friday your coaches took time to specifically let Cooper not only kick the ball, but make a goal. I cannot describe for you all the feelings this brings and how much this meant to us as his parents. Things like this come so easily to other kids, and coop has to work so so hard just to manage being present. So this picture is worth a thousand words for us. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The Chapman Family

"My daughter just finished soccer with your company yesterday, and I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how great I thought the program was. The coaches pay attention to the kids that are slower or smaller, like my daughter, and made sure she had ball time and even that she scored a goal. Also, they were good to keep other kids from shoving/hitting in the older group that my nephew was participating with. Both coaches were both very good! Just wanted to send you my glowing thoughts of the program and your coaches."

Eric Ziegler

"I wanted to get in touch with you about the girls volleyball camp last week. I really feel that all of the coaches did an amazing job, especially Cheryl. My daughter learned more in one hour than she had in the past two camps she attended."

Lisa Wright

"I wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much fun Degan had at the Radnor Sports Camp. The staff was great all around, and Degan enjoyed the format of the various sports each week. We’ll certainly be back for next year, but of course will see you sooner at the Jump Start Sports leagues."

Joe Downs

"This summer my son participated in Jump Start Sports soccer in Mentor and t-ball in Willoughby. My son had so much fun and loved going each week. Being three, new people and experiences are often stressful and scary for my son. Coaches Dan and Logan made an effort to encourage and help him learn soccer and T-ball. Many times my son would cry after he was done because he was having so much fun and wanted to stay longer. Thank you for such a wonderful program and having staff like Coaches Dan and Logan. They made my child's first sports experience a great one."

Meghan and Jason Stec

"I wanted to let you know that my son and daughter both attended a Jump Start (going for gold) summer camp at the Worthington Community Center.

My son, age 6, in particular has had difficulties getting into sports in general. He's a rather sensitive little guy and Zach, the main coach at this camp, really went above and beyond. Zach was able to listen to my son's concerns and got him engaged and playing! He treated all of the kids with respect and patience. We've never had such a positive experience before and we've tried classes directly through the community center, swim lessons, soccer - all with fine friendly enough coaches and teachers. But Jump Start's people really stood out. And because of their kindness my children had a wonderful time and were able to build their skills and confidence."

Kate Wilson

My 8 year old son attended Jump Start Sports Camp in Limerick, PA this summer. I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for a wonderful experience. This was the first camp in three summers that he could not wait to get to each and every day. At the end of the first day, I picked him up and asked if he liked it. His response was – no, I LOVED IT! That response did not waiver all summer. Despite the 90+ degree heat we experienced in Eastern Pennsylvania most of the summer, your coaches made sure he was hydrated, properly shaded when necessary and rested if he needed it. Most of all, he had a great time! He was challenged, never bored and has already asked to return next summer.

Additionally, I can not speak highly enough about the three coaches – Coach Grace, Coach Carlie and Coach Stephanie. They were beyond fantastic. Enthusiastic, professional, encouraging, warm and engaging. Well done!

Thank you for such a wonderful program in our community!"

Shelly Innis

"My name is Carie, my daughter Eila participated in Tball in Gahanna. She was an Indian at the 4:30 time slot.
We were so impressed with the organization, communication, coaches, and program as a whole. Eila loved going to practice and looked forward to it each week.
Coach Brody, Coach Willy and the other coaches that filled in were amazing! They were fun, organized, patient, and extremely helpful.
Thank you for such a fantastic experience!"

Carrie Barnes