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Rick Hart


Rick Hart


RHART@JUMPSTARTSPORTS.COM                   CELL: 330-571-3424


      Career Highlights:

  • Founder, Jump Start Sports, LLC
  • Former President, Exclusive Marketing, LLC
  • Former General Manager, Directory Publishing, Inc
  • BS in Economics and Marketing – University of Pennsylvania
  • Four Year Wrestling Letterman – University of Pennsylvania (1978 – 1982)


I started Jump Start Sports, LLC in 2002 with a fervent belief that sports should play an integral role in the development of character, values, and life skills of children.

We have seen Jump Start Sports children grow from toddlers to adults. Some of these children have gone on to become teachers, doctors, and college and professional athletes. We have seen children who face extraordinary challenges make sports a part of their life. We have seen children with average ability and normal challenges learn through their continued participation in sports to work with a group toward a common goal and to challenge themselves.

We strive to provide children with a positive introduction to a wide variety of sports, irrespective of their athletic ability or the challenges they may face in life.

You have my personal pledge to offer your child a program that is well conceived and well organized. I am always happy to hear from families, whether it is to tell me of a child who had a wonderful experience or of a way that we can improve.